How To Find a Competent Los Angeles Accident Lawyer


The California State Bar has over 160000 practicing lawyers so finding a competent Los Angeles personal injury attorney should not be difficult at all. However, you need to exercise caution in finding the right one for you as he or she can make or break your case.


You could either go with an established law firm with his own private practice. In both cases, make sure that their primary area of expertise lies in injury law and that they are a member of the California State Bar. Ask for references and see if they have been successful in cases similar to yours in the past. Make inquiries and do a bit of research and shortlist at least 3 to 4 law firms before you make your final decision.


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Be wary of lawyers who approach you for business. This violates the legal code of ethics and you should, in fact, bring it to the notice of the State Bar. Also, take all advertisements with a pinch of salt as no law firm is going to advertise their shortcomings.


The best way to locate a good accident specialist in LA is to approach the California State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Services. You could find contact information on these services on the State Bar's website. Using a good referral service is beneficial for you as it is governed by rules that are designed to protect your rights. Also you can be sure that they have malpractice insurance and is a specialist in accident cases.


The Referral Service will first review your case and will offer other types of assistance if your case does not warrant the use of a lawyers's service. It will only refer you to a professional who is a member of the California State Bar, has a good reputation and considerable experience in the field of injury. You may even find a los angeles personal injury attorney who charges a moderate fee. And if you need someone who knows a language other than English, this may be the best place to go to.


Other than using a Certified Lawyer Referral Service, you could go with personal recommendations from your relatives, friends, or colleagues. You could also approach a public interest group that may be able to put you on to an ethical and competent personal accident attorney. If you are unable to pay fees, you could get in touch with free legal-aid agencies.


It is always good to check around and talk to friends and colleagues and identify specialists who handle accident cases, before you decide on who to give your case to. Find out how long they expect your case to take and make sure he or she explains all the weak points in your case that may make it go against your favor. If they assures you of a guaranteed win, then you should back off and find yourself another lawyer as anything can happen in court and no ethical professional should assure you that the case will definitely go in your favor.


It also will be a good idea to check if the los angeles personal injury attorney you have selected has been disciplined by the California State Bar. You can easily find out this information on the California State Bar's website where you just need to enter the name or the bar number for detailed information.


Some attorneys may be able to provide you with a timetable of events, depending on your case, and will keep you constantly updated of progress. Also find out if you will be given copies of all documentation that is generated while working on your case.


Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you decide on who is going to represent you in court:


1. Do I have a good rapport with them?

2. Do they have the right skills and considerable experience in the area of personal injury law?

3. Do I understand their way of explaining the nitty gritty details of my case?

4. Is the fee reasonable?


Discuss your case in detail and make sure your answer is yes to all the above questions, then you can be sure that you have placed your case in the right hands.

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